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The exchange has come to an end! You can find all complete fics HERE. However, that doesn't mean the fic has to end.

Want to treat? All original prompts submitted to the exchange are posted below. If something strikes you, fill it! Prompts can be filled more than once, and there is no deadline or minimum word count. Please just make sure to adhere to the list of don'ts if you decide to gift fic, and have all fics read by a beta. Fics can be posted to the AO3 COMMUNITY.

If you weren't a part of the exchange but want to treat anyway, then go for it!
Prompt 1: My #1 most desired CD fic is one where Ducky meets that athletic poet who appeared in Winslow Books that one time. They can become friends or lovers - whatever. I just want a story where Ducky meets him.

Prompt 2: Ducky getting a boyfriend. Any boyfriend. It can be Alex, a cro-mag, an original character, a guy from Stoneybrook who's visiting. Ducky needs a guy.

Prompt 3: Zeke and Maggie sibling bonding. Their parents are so effed up, Zeke and Maggie bond over it. Bonus points for a Pilar appearance.

Prompt 4: Teenaged Jeff Schafer being cool and funny and snarky.

DON'TS: No non-con, no mpreg, no bad grammar.

Do not make Ducky straight.

Prompt 1: Jill Henderson. I’ve always really liked Jill, I guess because I related to her more than the others? I liked that she wanted to grow up at her own pace, and being ditched at your own sleepover so your friends could sneak out had to hurt. I’d love anything at all from her POV. Canon era or futurefic Jill as a high schooler or college student or young adult – anything would be amazing.

Prompt 2: Maggie and Zeke Blume sibling dynamics. I love their relationship and how their family problems have the silver lining of bringing them closer together. I’d love a fic with their sibling dynamic. Again, I’d be completely happy with either future fic or canon era. Also, an AU would be interesting, if you’re up for that sort of thing? Maybe the sort of AU where there is a calamity to be endured together eg zombie!AU or a Hansel and Gretel AU or whatever else strikes your fancy.

If you’d rather not write the sibling dynamic, I’d love Maggie futurefic where her job involves music in some capacity. Singer in a band, movie score composer, high school music teacher, etc etc.

Prompt 3: Carol Olson POV. For example, we hear a lot about Carol from Dawn’s POV, and I would love to get Carol’s perspective on their relationship. The family dynamics of anyone in that whole house would be great actually. For example, I’ve never actually put much thought into Carol/Jack but feel free to explore that relationship if you like!

DON'TS: -Explicit sex (I'm fine with acknowledging that sex has happened, but I'd rather no detail/fade to black :) )
-Explicit violence
-I’d rather not receive a fic where shipping is the main focus (prompt 3 is an exception, if you’re keen to write some Jack/Carol!). I’m totally fine with whatever ships you please in the background, but I’d love the main focus of the story to be friendships or rivalries or family relationships or character study etc etc etc. If, as a writer, you really need to write something shippy for your muse to co-operate, I would love to receive a fic about a close affectionate friendship that could be read as either shippy or friendship.

Prompt 1: AU where the main characters (Dawn, Sunny, Amalia, Maggie, Ducky) meet in college instead, and Ducky is an RA.

Prompt 2: Anything showcasing the awesome “found family” of Vanish. Getting each other through hard times. Showing up uninvited to each others’ houses at 2am. Patti being badass and snarky.

Prompt 3: A couple characters host a podcast or radio show--Amalia and Sunny? Rico and Patti?--and have awesome friendships and shenanigans. You know. Amusing call-ins and banter, shameless Vanish promotion. Can be canon-ish (they do this during Vista maybe?) or AU. I’ve just always wanted awesome podcast or radio host CD fic.

Prompt 4: Harry Potter AU. Maggie. Amalia. Ducky. Vanish members. I’m leaving this prompt pretty open to your interpretation because I would seriously love anything you do with this. Hogwarts AU? CD characters in the Order? CD characters working at St. Mungo’s?

Gen or shippy, I don’t care. Just please don’t make it Dawn centric.

Prompt 5: Anything with Ducky and Alex. This can be friendship fic or you can make it shippy. I am just intrigued by their relationship in general. Bonus points for angst.

DON'TS: Boss/employee or student/teacher relationships, PWP, non-con, first person POV.

Prompt 1: Dawn + Ducky friendship fic - It's funny; I started reading California Diaries because of Dawn, but ended up really enjoying them for Ducky. I'd love some one-on-one friendship fic between these two characters; it doesn't seem like they interacted very much in the books. (Dawn was mad at everyone, and Ducky mostly hung around with Sunny.) It could be something light and fluffy, or something a little bit heavier - as long as it doesn't end on a depressing note, I'm good.

I'm not a believer of Ducky being desperately in love with Alex, but other than that, feel free to take this prompt wherever it might lead you.

Prompt 2: Post-canon Sunny - Sunny was definitely the character who evolved the most over the course of the series, so where does she go after this? Does she continue to cling to Ducky or Dawn or Maggie, or does she strike out on her own? Where does she go, what does she do?

I see her as rebellious, and personally head-canon her with a serious mental illness, but am open to exploration. I used to work with SMI patients, so if you go down that route, please please please be sensitive and realistic. Otherwise, go nuts!

Prompt 3: Maggie/Tyler - Definitely my favorite canon ship of this series, I am especially intrigued by the way their relationship is touched by the swirling vortex that is celebrity culture. I'd love to see an exploration of their relationship post-canon, and how the pressure of celeb pop culture weighs on them, good or bad.

Prompt 4: Whatever happened to Jill Henderson? It really kinda sucks that she was written off in the first book or so, considering she was an original member of the W<3KC. The other girls saw her as babyish and don't really mention her after dropping her - so what happened to her? What route did she follow through her perilous eighth grade year or beyond? Go nuts! :)

Prompt 5: Sibling fic - Maggie + Zeke, Ducky + Ted, Dawn + Jeff, give me your take on any or all of them. Pre-canon might be the most interesting direction here, especially for Ducky + Ted as they are the 'new' characters for this spinoff series.

DON'TS: For this particular series, I'm not a fan of: alternate universes; OOC characters; kink, whether violent or sexual; angsty stories with unhappy endings (angsty is fine, but end it on at least a semi-high note, not wallowing in the pits of despair); explicit slash or femmeslash.

Prompt 1: Isabel Vargas centric-fic. I adore Isabel; she’s one of my favourite characters in the series. I would love something further exploring her character: her interactions with her family, her relationship with Simon, or her past relationship with Greg.

Prompt 2: Jocks have feelings too--despite what Ducky might think. How is Jay coping with the Alex situation, why was Bud so intent on becoming Ducky’s friend, is Marco really that much of a jerk, and what the hell kind of moniker is Mad Moose?

Prompt 3: They had been friends first and bandmates second, but sometimes it was difficult to remember that. Assume that Rico, Bruce, Patti and James had been friends for years: how do they cope with kicking James out of the band? Ideally, I want is a fic about changing perspectives and exploding friendships and misplaced guilt.

Prompt 4: Ted tries to be a good brother; luckily he has Isabel to help him figure things out. Conversations about their Amalia and Ducky and their friends, the occasional reference to Women’s Studies courses and how not to come across as an intolerant frat boy, and the obligatory mention of sibling bonding. This can be a romantic relationship or a friendship.

Prompt 5: Vlogger/youtuber au. Initially it had started as an anthropological study of the popular kids, but somewhere along the way Ducky’s sarcastic commentary gained him several thousand subscribers, a small harem of girls, and a possible internet boyfriend. Which is all well and good until it starts to bleed over into his real life. Ducky/Bud because I really love the loveable!jock as a secret nerd trope. Longer is better for this fic.

DON'TS: - Non-con/dub-con unless mentioned in relation to a past event and has some sort of canon basis.
- Unequal/unbalanced power relationships (ex. student/teacher)
- Stories where love fixes everything
- Fluff
- Pregnancy/kid-fic

Prompt 1: Dawn and Jeff fic of some kind. I'm not too picky about the setting or event or anything like that, but I love their relationship. It doesn't have to be insanely fluffy--there can even be conflict--but anything with them front and center is good. Bonus for them snarking how crazy their family is at times and/or scheming.

Prompt 2: Blume family fic, centered around some large event or holiday. Anything featuring Zeke and/or Maggie and Zeke is good.

Prompt 3: Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU, where Dawn is the slayer, Sunny is her Willow, and Ducky is of course Xander.

Prompt 4: Ducky fic. Either a fic centering around his relationship with his brother, Ducky and Sunny friendship fic during any of the books, or him coming out to his family.

Prompt 5: Supernatural AU where everyone is a ghost hunter and solves mysteries around Palo City.

DON'TS: Nothing overly fluffy. Not a fan of Ducky/Sunny romantically, or straight!Ducky fics in general.

Prompt 1: Jack + Carol + Dawn + Jeff family dynamics. I would love to see them bonding; Dawn being less of a sulky brat and being a little more understanding of those around her. Family mealtimes, game nights, road trips, movie nights. Carol and Jack seem pretty affectionate; how do Jeff and Dawn compare this to their memories of Sharon being around? Basically anything around the Schafer household without the angst/drama/arguing/tension. It doesn't have to be 100% fluffy (because families fight etc etc) but seeing things a little less tense would be nice.

Prompt 2: Road trip fic with literally any characters. Age them up if you want? Pile two or more characters into cars (or a convoy of cars) and have them drive somewhere. Through states, along the coast, along winding mountain highways. Roadside picnics, local radio, local food, diners, games and conversations.

Where are they going? Why? Is it a vacation or is someone running away from their problems? Am totally happy for this to be gen/het/slash/fslash and am happy for porn to feature. Just have them roadtripping.

Prompt 3: Sunny & Dawn friendship fic. Maybe they're trying to reconnect after a canon argument/misunderstanding. Maybe it's set in the future and they're BFFs again already. I would love, love, love a fic about them spending the day or a weekend at the beach - surfing, beach campfires, ghost stories, etc.

Prompt 4: Ducky's first sexual experience/encounter with a guy. It can be as explicit as you're comfortable to write - if that's fade-to-black, that's totally cool. But definitely don't be afraid to go further if inspiration strikes - I'm not opposed to reading porn if you want to write it for me.

DON'TS: - I am made anxious by humiliation or other people being anxious, and I'd rather not read anything like that. If you can't write the fic without it (because canon), just make sure you put a warning in, please!
- Violence
- If you don't like a character, I'd rather you ignore them than insert anything into the story to convince me why I shouldn't like them either
- Love triangles, ugh
- Underage sex; please age characters up if they're engaging in any sexual activity

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