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When you sign up, you will need to be specific so we can match you as accurately as possible. Please make sure to include the following:
    3-5 prompts. Prompts can be gen, het, slash, femme, whatever.
    Characters you'll be happy to receive, as well as characters you're willing to write.
    The ratings you're comfortable writing and receiving.
    Any other specific elements you do not want to read or write; i.e., character death, underage, angst, AUs, etc.
Think you can write more than one fic for the exchange? Let the mods know you want to be a pinch hitter.

AO3 Name: *
Email: *
Confirm: *

This section concerns what will be written FOR you. Remember, the person who gets your name may not know you, so be sure to tell them about anything you absolutely do not want in your fic, and so on.
Prompt 1: *
Prompt 2: *
Prompt 3: *
Prompt 4:
Prompt 5:
Highest rating you're willing to receive: *
Fic writers MUST abide by the list of DON'TS. List any themes that you do not want (i.e.: underage, violence, BDSM, etc) here.
Anything else you feel like your writer should know about you? List it here.

This section concerns what YOU will be writing.
Likes: *
Dislikes: *
Highest rating you're willing to write: *

Would you like to be a pinch hitter? *
Have you read the rules? *
 Of course! 
 Pft. Who needs rules? 
Optional: list anything else you feel like the mods should know about you here. Also, if you have any questions, you can list them here and a mod will email you back.